After-School and Saturday Night Trips

8th Grade Bowling – Sunday, September 8

All 8th graders are invited to go bowling with BCHSJS! A great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Humdingers – Sunday, October 27

Batting, bowling, and BCHSJS! USY and BCHSJS teens will join together for arcade games, laser maze, batting cages and bowling. Don’t miss all the fun!

 BCHSJS Goes to Broadway – Sunday, November 17

A New York City adventure as BCHSJS goes to see Beetlejuice. You don’t want to miss out on the ghost with the MOST!

Ice Skating – Sunday, January 26

Chill out and join us for an afternoon of fun on the ice. You won’t want to miss it! USY members will join us for this slippery fun!

 Snow Tubing – Sunday, February 22

Hit the slopes on Saturday night with your BCHSJS friends and enjoy the ride!

Six Flags/Great Adventure – Sunday, April 12

It’s back – during Passover Break! Join us for our Annual Six Flags trip! Enjoy thrilling rides and make memories with your friends to last a lifetime!

Escape Room – Sunday, April 26

Join your friends for this interactive adventure experience. You must work together as a team to solve clues, puzzles and challenges to escape the room. Can you escape before time runs out?