Learning at BCHSJS


At BCHSJS we let YOU make the decisions. Unlike traditional Hebrew School, it is up to you to decide what you want to learn and who you want to learn with.

Engage with subjects that are meaningful to you by looking at them through a Jewish lens. Participate in debates, be challenged, and find your voice.

Some of the previous classes have included:

Jews in Pop Culture

From T Swift to Bruno Mars- Judaism in pop music

That 90’s Show

Netflix and Jews

Science and Technology through a Jewish lens

ChallahDays – where challah meets parsha every week

Judaism and Environmentalism

Jew Got Questions

Ethical Driving

Jewish infused improv

Check out the BCHSJS Course Catalogues from over the years!

BCHSJS’s list of offered classes and Jewish learning programs are constantly evolving and changing over the years, staying relevant with the times we live in, while still finding new ways of discovering Jewish culture & values. Step into our time machine, and explore all the fun and contemporary learning our students have experienced over the years.