Preparing for Life After High School

Many of our students have grown up in a loving Jewish family and community and are not fully aware of the challenging issues that they may face as Jews when they go to college. Our Senior Seminar class helps prepare them for life as a Jewish student on the college campus. We teach them about such movements as the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions global campaign (BDS) that tries to delegitimize and isolate Israel though political and economic pressure. BDS anti-Israel activities are rife on many college campuses, with rallies and events that threaten and alienate many Jewish young people. We help our students to dissect the campaign’s assertions and make them aware of the resources available to them if they feel threatened or experience anti-Semitism. Students tell us that when a fellow BCHSJS student is at the same college or university, even if they hadn’t been close friends, a strong bond exists between them.