COVID 19 Protocols for in- person learners

In Person Attendance during COVID policy:
As a community BCHSJS pulls from 18 different High Schools. Some schools are closing because of COVID cases. If you have been asked by your school or the department of health to be in quarantine for two weeks because of a possibly first degree exposure to COVID, you may not be in attendance and will need to sign in virtually to your in person classes. You may return after 14 days.
If you or someone in your home have tested positive for COVID you may not return to BCHSJS without a doctor’s note.
If you or someone in your home has traveled to a state requiring a two week quarantine after returning to New Jersey, you will take your classes virtually.
In any case, please notify us as soon as possible.
BCHSJS will move virtually for two weeks if anyone in our community tests positive