If you’re thinking of coming to BCHSJS – or if your parent is thinking about sending you – we encourage you to talk to some of our students. We think you’ll hear that BCHSJS is where they can hang out and socialize with other Jewish kids in a safe space and really be themselves – which isn’t always the case in high school. They’ll tell you that BCHSJS is nothing like congregational Hebrew school. You decide what you want to study, with no rote learning or memorizing and only occasional homework. There are retreats and special trips that create friendships and make you feel part of a Jewish community. BCHSJS also helps with the hard stuff, like bullying at school, discussing how to deal with BDS or potential Jewish attacks when you go to college or sharing views on Israel’s place in the world. What we hear our students say is that they fit in at BCHSJS and that there’s no place they’d rather be on a Sunday morning.

“BCHSJS has changed my life. I have made life-long friends, met amazing mentors, and I learned information that will stick with me forever.” -Maddy G.

“BCHSJS welcomed me into a family. One that I never want to leave.” -Emily F.