Young Leadership Course



The Young Leadership course is a Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey funded program taught at BCHSJS. The course offers Jewish high school sophomores and juniors the opportunity to establish relationships with Israeli students via Skype and participate in educational discussions. BCHSJS students discover what it would be like to live in Israel, just as the Israeli students get a glimpse of life in America. They also have the opportunity to meet prominent Israeli and American leaders and engage in discussions on real world issues and challenges. There is a focus on developing leadership skills throughout the class, and each graduate earns a Leadership Certificate at the end of the year. BCHSJS students host their Israeli counterparts when they visit the U.S. for an educational, social and cultural exchange. Highlights include visiting iconic New York City sites, participating in “real world” seminars and simply relaxing with each other.

Some students may also participate in what can be a life-changing experience: a trip to Israel. This experience gives them a real world understanding of what Israel is like and a personal connection to the Homeland of the Jewish people.

Course participation is by application only and an interview is required.

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