Due to concerns regarding the Coronavirus, starting on March 22 BCHSJS classes will meet in a remote learning format. At that time students will attend school from home via video conference on their laptops, computers, or mobile devices. More information will be available later this week. Do follow guidelines with frequent hand washing, covering mouths when sneezing or coughing... and be safe. Please note that Temple Israel is closed at least through March 22. ***Communication should be to Fred Nagler via his cell - 201-704-7566 (if no one answers please leave a message) or email principal@bchsjs.org.



Class of 2019-5779

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  • BCHSJS truly made a mark on my life.  It showed me that continuing my Jewish education did not have to be boring. I made friends, participated in many interesting classes and, importantly, rekindled a Jewish identity I’d felt that I’d lost.

  • BCHSJS has changed all aspects of my life, my knowledge of Judaism, my friendships, and my overall confidence as a person. 

  • BCHSJS helps keeps Jewish teens Jewish!

  • Attending BCHSJS was something I did not want to do, but it turned out to be the changing moment for me.