BCHSJS Bucks the Downward Enrollment Trend

Clearly the word is getting out that something special is happening at BCHSJS. Taking into account the number of students who graduated in 2016, the number of students retained and new students added this fall, BCHSJS experienced a 45.8 percent student increase. This is in sharp contrast to the national trend of enrollment declines in virtually all post Bar/Bat Mitzvah educational programs.


So what’s behind this increase? BCHSJS is not just “another program” for Jewish teens. It combines relevant academics with social activities and community service opportunities. It encompasses students from across Bergen County, whose exploration of Jewish culture, heritage, values, morals and the centrality of Israel helps them foster a deep Jewish identity. At BCHSJS, teens learn by doing – and also have a lot of fun. Our students make friendships that last a lifetime, and they do so with teens they otherwise might not have met in their own schools or local community.


BCHSJS also offers a host of other benefits that contribute to the increasing enrollment. Some have to do with gaining experience that strengthens their college applications. Juniors and seniors can take advantage of Farleigh Dickinson University’s Middle College Program and earn up to six college credits while taking classes at BCHSJS. There also are numerous community service opportunities that help students fulfill their high school requirements while giving back, and the School’s Principal can provide college recommendations and transcripts.


But what it comes down to, in many cases, is simply word of mouth. BCHSJS teens know that they are part of something special and their parents know they are, too. For that reason, BCHSJS students and their parents are our best ambassadors!